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Antoinette sings teaches student


Vocal Coach

Antoinette Loves nothing more than seeing someone reach their vocal goals. With her wealth of vocal knowledge and training along with her performance experience, she is able to give her students the tools they need to help them meet their vocal potential. 







Who has Antoinette worked with?

I have had the pleasure of assisting many great signed and unsigned artist with their vocal needs in singing lessons and during vocal recording sessions. These include @fumeztheeengineer artist @realmegz and @breerunway



Antoinette has been able to assist singers with

Extending range

Vocal health

Breath management


Vocal power

Vocal placement

Self confidence




Performance anxiety

Pitch accuracy

Chest and head voice development

Vocal transition.

Antoinette sings teaches student

Vocal Coaching Certificates

 Estill level 1 & 2

B.A.S.T (Be A Singing Teacher)

 Modern Vocal Training 

Guildhall Arranging and Reharmonisation

Vocal Health First Aid.

Student Feedback

Antoinette sings teaches student

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Antoinette sings teaches teenager


30 minute lesson.                       £45

30 minute lesson (X4).               £170

( SAVING YOU £10 )


45 minute lesson.                      £60


45 minute lessons ( X 4 ).         £230 

( SAVING YOU £10 )            




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